Thursday, May 10, 2012

God of Paradise

PHEW.  This thing was tough.  So I decided to make for my final digital modeling project a character from my wonderland thesis.  One of the flowers from the garden, and that is the Bird of Paradise, who I have dubbed God of Paradise.  She was a tough one to make, with plenty of mistakes a long the way.  Instead of working in Maya like all of my classmates, I took a bold leap and entered the world of zbrush, which is very fascinating and became very addicting quickly. 

This was my final design and images, having issues with my computer crashing as it could not export this massive sculpt.  I also made the mistakes of deleting the subdivisions once I has it all together because of a few errors I had made, so it became nearly impossible to place back into maya in order to animate and photograph it properly.  Overall I had a blast building her, and I can't wait to get a better computer so that I can dabble around in Zbrush some more.

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