Friday, March 30, 2012

Cheshire Cat

Well this piece has evolved greatly for me over the past few months. This was the version I originally created for my senior thesis in the past semester, and was quite proud of it. After a while, I decided that I really wanted to change this piece. I had become unhappy with it because of how my other pieces were beginning to evolve. So that's when I began my plans of editing it.

I began to think of different ways I could portray my cheshire, and the ideas I had behind it. I thought more into the story of the Alice and began to reread through the chapters. I know i wanted to make it more noticeable as a cat like creature, or more of a cheshire in general. So I thought it was interesting the way that the Cheshire seemed to disappear at will. I began to relate the character more with a flame fickle yet dangerous, but easily snuffed. So i kept this in mind as I began to enhance the features of the cat.

This is the rough I began to work with as I continued to pace myself through my thesis. As I began to design the layout of the gallery space I was to be given, I then began to worry that my work was for naught. I realized that I would have 3 pieces with 3 accompanying sculptures, there would be no room for this lovely creature that I had begun to put so much work into. Then my inspiration struck. I would create a vector of my beloved Cheshire puss to apply to the wall as my logo. The hard work began, translating the work I was doing into the Graphic feel. I ended up with something to be proud of, Including my business cards to be completed.

I just sent the cards off for printing, and I am excited to see their return. I have gone through so that I can get a spot UV treatment on my cards. I can't wait to see their return!