Sunday, August 19, 2012

So I have been studying different kinds of digital pieces and this is one that I have been working on.  This lovely character whom I have names Knight, is one that I bought from LinGrimm over on FA

I have been wanting to do a digital sculpt of this guy ever since I bought him, and started in sculptris.  But I have decided to start again and redo him in Zbrush as my protoype practice of the Dynamesh feature of Zbrush, which allows you to sculpt freely with out needing to worry about the polygons becoming stretched and tangled.  This has been a good practice, especially on my new computer as well.  Here is a work in progress shot of him so far, he has feet!  at least his back ones.
I also added a work in progress shot of an illustration that I am currently working on for a contest I ran a while ago.  Erm I think that's about it for now!  Ill be around to post more about my older pieces and update about the new ones as well and with many more updates to come.

Friday, July 13, 2012

About time I started to upload my pieces to my blog.  This was the last piece I did, and I will work backwards from here, this was the Mad Hatter for my thesis.  I really wanted to do something more unique with him than your traditional hatter, But he was the hardest character for me to design. I looked up the history behind the hatters, and found out more about the diseases and mental illnesses that affected the hatters from the mercury and lead poisoning.  So this character is out of his mind.  I envisioned the whole tea party crew were just figments of his imagination that sat upon the table as objects that he thought were characters.  I felt like a mad hatter would also not know which way to wear his hat, so upside down it went.  My color scheme came from a weird location, as I found my inspiration in the colors of a moldy orange.


Looking back at the piece now, there are a lot of things that I think I could have done better, and I have some even crazier designs that I would love to sketch out.  But this piece was a huge stepping stone in the right direction for me.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

God of Paradise

PHEW.  This thing was tough.  So I decided to make for my final digital modeling project a character from my wonderland thesis.  One of the flowers from the garden, and that is the Bird of Paradise, who I have dubbed God of Paradise.  She was a tough one to make, with plenty of mistakes a long the way.  Instead of working in Maya like all of my classmates, I took a bold leap and entered the world of zbrush, which is very fascinating and became very addicting quickly. 

This was my final design and images, having issues with my computer crashing as it could not export this massive sculpt.  I also made the mistakes of deleting the subdivisions once I has it all together because of a few errors I had made, so it became nearly impossible to place back into maya in order to animate and photograph it properly.  Overall I had a blast building her, and I can't wait to get a better computer so that I can dabble around in Zbrush some more.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Coming Soon

Coming soon....


I am just about done with finals right now, and then I will be updating about my process and pieces for my thesis, and some side work for assignments like this little number up in the top that I am putting together in Maya right now.  All the pieces are being imported from Zbrush where I will be putting the finishing touches on it~


Friday, March 30, 2012

Cheshire Cat

Well this piece has evolved greatly for me over the past few months. This was the version I originally created for my senior thesis in the past semester, and was quite proud of it. After a while, I decided that I really wanted to change this piece. I had become unhappy with it because of how my other pieces were beginning to evolve. So that's when I began my plans of editing it.

I began to think of different ways I could portray my cheshire, and the ideas I had behind it. I thought more into the story of the Alice and began to reread through the chapters. I know i wanted to make it more noticeable as a cat like creature, or more of a cheshire in general. So I thought it was interesting the way that the Cheshire seemed to disappear at will. I began to relate the character more with a flame fickle yet dangerous, but easily snuffed. So i kept this in mind as I began to enhance the features of the cat.

This is the rough I began to work with as I continued to pace myself through my thesis. As I began to design the layout of the gallery space I was to be given, I then began to worry that my work was for naught. I realized that I would have 3 pieces with 3 accompanying sculptures, there would be no room for this lovely creature that I had begun to put so much work into. Then my inspiration struck. I would create a vector of my beloved Cheshire puss to apply to the wall as my logo. The hard work began, translating the work I was doing into the Graphic feel. I ended up with something to be proud of, Including my business cards to be completed.

I just sent the cards off for printing, and I am excited to see their return. I have gone through so that I can get a spot UV treatment on my cards. I can't wait to see their return!