Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I would have loved for my blog to work out here, but I can not seem to muster up the time or patience to post here on this blog, and I have found it easier to work off of a website like tumblr, where I can just freely post to it.  It seems to be a lot more relaxing for me, and you will find sketches, completed works, and all other ways of finding me easier on my blog.  This blog is also going to be the launching site of my brain child Pickled Koi Creations, along with my partner in crime, Kevin Woldering also known as Luvythicus.  Together we have some great things planned for the next few months from dolls to toys, to prints and even more!  I am very excited for this new start, and it will be quite a site to follow.  So please join me, over at my tumblr space linked below.

Thank you for looking, and I hope to see you soon on the other side.

For my new art website, click here

Follow your dreams and always adventure on,

Michi Segal