Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Getting this party started

My name is Michelle Segal, and I am in my final year of studying in Illustration. This blog is to become my professional ramblings. For right now though, I really want to blog my progression through my senior thesis, and the ideas behind it, to really cement the world that I am creating. I will progress through each stage of my work, and my process in learning the things that I know. There will be many failures, but hopefully even more success. It is my first time being able to work in sculpture as a medium, something that I have not had the chance to work in before.

Right now I am on my winter break between semesters, and this will be the opportunity to start testing different sculpture techniques and mediums, so that I can advance into the upcoming semester prepared for the final stretch of assignments. I want to work in everything from ceramics, to masks, and sculpture and resins. Now is the challenge to see how I can do this. Some of my personal pieces may find its way up here too, just as a fair warning

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